Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Branded Footwear For Ladies

 Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes are essential accessory for bride in every wedding.If you have worn wedding shoes which are really not comfortable then you are really making your walk unimpressive.Always choose shoes for your wedding which are really matching with your wedding outfit.
 Wedding Shoes
If you are really looking like a princess but you dont have an wedding shoes which are stylish.These are the things which need to be perfect while you are thinking to have an perfect wedding look on your wedding.We have an great varities in colors and designs of wedding bridal shoes.These can be in white color.
 New Heel Design
white wedding shoes is most popular as an bridal footwear in uk.White wedding shoes uk is most popular bridal wedding footwear.You can even buy wedding shoes online.These shoes are even unique wedding shoes with high heel wedding shoes,wedding shoes low heel.You can even find cheap wedding shoes online.
Name that is fairly new to the designer women’s footwear market is Alexander Mcqueen.Alexander McQueen has become a serious contender to the likes of Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo on the womens footwear scene creating some of the most beautiful shoes available today. As a designer he is bringing the individuality and elegance from his clothing collection and transferring these characteristics to his women’s shoes.
McQueen, born in London 1969, began designing as an apprentice at Saville Row at the age of 16. Later he worked for the theatrical costumiers Angels and Berman’s, where he got his melodramatic edge. His shoe designs are known for their raw energy, and yet are also extremely romantic.He uses both the elements of femininity and strength, tradition and cutting edge. His designs both flow and are severe, and denote a passion for his art. In the last Ten years he has become one of the best and most respected fashion and shoe designers in the world.
Alexander Mcqueen has wonderful shoes that are great to wear during the winter days and nights. One great pair is the black leather ankle boots; these boots have a heel that is not too thick measuring 110mm/4.5 inches, a pointed toe, and they rise a little above your ankle. These shoes are sleek, and will make your outfit sharp.Another great fall or winter shoe is the Houndstooth ankle boots; these boots have almost a stiletto type heel with a flare at the bottom of the heel for better balance, the tip of the shoe is black as well as the back that connects to the heel, while the top/middle of the shoe is black and white that appear to look like checkers from a distance, and they comfortably rise just at your ankle.

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